For over 300 years, our beloved community has been a destination for families young and old to establish a home and enjoy the American way of life. However, as demands on town resources have proliferated, it has become harder to preserve our quality of life. Today’s town officials are faced with complex decisions and trade-offs that profoundly impact residents’ lives.

Harrison deserves a voice on its board capable of making the smart choices to move our town forward. As a business executive, attorney, and accountant with a 25-year record of success, I have the skills and experience needed to navigate these complicated times. I will apply a restrained fiscal approach to town government, limiting government spending, improving operations, and cutting waste to stay under the tax cap.

My years of management experience have proven that the best results come from working in partnership with others. I also recognize that as neighbors, we must work together. Good government requires that decisions be reached by consensus and that residents have a seat at the table. No resident should ever feel that their objections are dismissed or ignored. If elected, I will actively seek out your input to guide my decisions. Further, I will commit to unprecedented transparency. Whereas the current town board has not always been forthright, I will ensure that town business takes place under the public eye and that information is freely and widely shared.

I will act as an independent, bipartisan representative on the board, putting your interests first. As a person who is not registered with any political party, I am not beholden to party bosses or platforms. Instead, I will work as a check and balance on a system that has concentrated too much power in the hands of a few. I have repeatedly opposed the abuse of government power, most recently working to prevent a change in our town/village Codes of Ethics that would allow elected officials to be local political party bosses.

I am no stranger to standing up to the powers that be. As a co-founder of Harrison Residents for Gun-Free School Zones, I demanded that residents’ voices be heard on the important issue of the gun shop in our downtown. I am working with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence to craft a proposed gun shop ordinance to enhance the safety of our community. I will continue to fight to ensure that the security and welfare of residents is at the heart of the town board’s actions.

Over the years, I have developed a deep admiration for our wonderful community and the individuals that make it so unique. I am passionate about working with you to ensure it continues to flourish for years to come. If elected to the town board, I will devote myself entirely to addressing your concerns and achieving your aspirations. If this sounds like the kind of partner you want for Harrison, please join our campaign. Volunteer, make a donation, and help spread the word.

Thank you,

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